ASINs’ warning message on the strategy page

Now you can easily spot the ASINs with delivery problems inside the strategy page

Whenever your ASINs have a status issue you are now able to see a warning message on the strategy.

The banner as shown in the screenshot below, we’ll indicate all the ASINs with potential delivery issues.

warning message

Using the search bar, you can look for the ASINs affected by hovering on the red icon to find out the reason. Among the messages, you can find: 


Suppressed or ineligible listings typically happen when a particular product listing falls short of Amazon's criteria.

amazon criteria

example of non amazon criteria

TIP: you can check the recommendations provided by amazon by opening the corresponding campaign on Seller Central / Advertising Console to find out which element might have failed to meet Amazon’s requirements.

listing improvement recommendation


The sign appears when your product runs out of stock 

not buyable


You are able to add Parent ASINs on a strategy but they cannot be advertised.

parent variation