Optimizing Bids: Placement, Keywords, and Product Page Targeting

In Amazon advertising, when you target a specific keyword, your ad can appear in three places: at the top of search results (TOP) for that keyword, in other search results  (ROS) related to the keyword, and on product detail pages (PDP) that show up in the search results for the keyword.

If you're targeting a specific product (ASIN), your ad can appear at the top of search results for relevant terms, in other search results related to those terms, and on the product page of the targeted product.

To avoid confusion and track the effectiveness of our ads, we want each search term to be targeted by only one keyword and each product page to be targeted by only one product.

For example, if you bid $0.90 for a keyword, without adjustments, this bid would apply to both search terms and various product pages. To address this, a change was made to modify the bid for top and other search results by 200% and divide the overall bid by 3.

After the change:

Base bid: $0.30
Top of search and Other search: $0.90 each
Product page: $0.30

This adjustment helps optimize bids by ensuring that relevant product pages receive higher bids, allowing for more efficient bid optimization.

Below is a comprehensive analysis contrasting placements both pre and post-bid modifier adjustments. The data, spanning from December 15, clearly illustrates the enhanced clarity achieved in targeting specific keywords versus product targeting.

comparison pre and post bid modification