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Grant Access to Organic Data

Granting access to the organic data will allow M19 to have access to a new report (catalog and total sales) from your Amazon Account.

This access is essential to download, and update automatically the account's catalog and "all sales (organic and sponsored sales)" KPI.

The access expires after 12 months and needs to be renewed on your side (same steps as creating a new one).

For administrators of the Amazon account

Click the “Grant Access to Organic Data” button, which will lead you to your Seller/Vendor Central account.

grant access to organic data

Log into your Amazon account and follow the steps

Log in to Amazon seller central


For Vendors account, extra attention will be needed in order to avoid a wrong account association.


(if the account selected automatically is not the right one, you can switch and validate).


Here are the data collected and implemented in our dashboard

  • All Sales (Fetched from the ordered revenue, manufacturing view)Amazon vendor central
  • TACOS (calculated)
  • Sponsored Sales Share (calculated)
  • Catalog (2 sources)
    1. vendor central account linked to Amazon's advertising console (settings > access and settings) (ID with 5 characters)
    account name

    2. brands linked to the advertising console
    brand name


For a second user (non-administrator) of the Amazon account

Special permission needs to be delegated by the administrator to allow a second user to delegate access to the organic report to m19.


If the second user can already delegate access to the report, simply follow the steps in our dashboard.


Else, you will have to ask the admin to delegate the following permission to your email

seller central -> User permissions -> Manage permissions (for the concerned user) as depicted below -

Manage permissions

Once the permission is delegated, you will be able to grant access to m19