Subscribing to m19 management services

The Registration Process: A Quick and Easy Four-Step Guide

In order to initiate a subscription, it is essential to possess an m19 account.

To create an m19 account, kindly complete the following form

  1. Click on "Start ads automation for free" button
    Start ads automation for free
  2. Choose the marketplaces that you would like to activate for your subscription.
    Check included accounts

    For more information about the error, please refer to the following article
  3. Select the currency (EUR or USD) and pick a subscription to enroll in (The description of the subscription can be found on our website)
    currency and plan selection

    Upon selecting the "Starter" subscription and completing this step, the subscription setup process will be concluded.starter plan 
  4. Please enter your billing information.
    enter billing info
  5. Lastly, provide your credit card information to finalize the subscription. credit card info