Create your subscription

Registering is a 3 steps process that will only take a few minutes.

1 / Turn on the downloader for the account to activate

Change the status of the account from "new" to "Active - pull stats" by going in settings > accounts and groups > status columns 

For seller account, you will have to grant the API access 

2 / Fill in your billing information

You can fill the billing information form in settings > billing.

Be careful to fill in the information of the entity to be invoiced.

Fill in the billing information

Without this information, we won't be able to create a subscription and the activation of the bidder will not be possible.

3 / Choose your plan

Choose a plan

Make sure you select the right marketplaces to activate in order to have the correct billing assessment

If you do not pay by credit card or disagree on the price, please uncheck All good for the account marketplace selected and yearly sales estimation. We will contact you as soon as possible

check and uncheck

4 / Payment

By card

Please follow the steps

pay by card

Other payment methods

Please go back and the previous page and uncheck the box and "save". See step 3.

other payment method