Product 360

This page offers a range of customizable widgets that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, preferences, and screen size. Powered by the different data collected by M19, the page provides an array of informative graphs and tables. With a primary focus on a specific product, this page serves as a consolidated summary of relevant statistics, enabling you to delve deep into insights and make data-driven decisions.


There are two possible ways to access the page:

  1. on the sidebar of the navigation > Tools > Product 360
  2. on the product page, click on the ASIN code


The product 360 page consists of 18 widgets (that can increase over time).


8 widgets for the stats

  • product description
  • sales metric
  • advertising sales metric
  • ad spend metric
  • clicks metric
  • impressions metric
  • profit metric
  • parent asin metric


4 graphs widget

  • total sales monitoring
  • advertising monitoring
  • ranking monitoring
  • reviews monitoring

The graphs are interconnected in such a way that when the mouse cursor is placed over a specific date on one graph, the corresponding stats for that date will be simultaneously displayed on the other graphs.

product 360 widgets


6 tables widget

  • product event
  • search terms ranking
  • family ASIN metrics
  • profit details
  • targeted product stats
  • search term stats