Share of Voice

Follow your Share of Voice evolution per Keyword.

With the Share of Voice tool, you can monitor the changes in Share of Voice for the Keywords (KWs) that you are currently monitoring. In order to view the data, you must first select a KW that you are tracking. To add a new KW, simply click on the "Track a new Keyword" button :

track new keyword

The calculation of the Share of Voice percentage takes into consideration the ASIN's position, with greater weight given to the first results than the last ones.

Information displayed

The informations are displayed in 3 ways :

  • You will find a table displaying the brands that appear in the search results along with their Share of Voice. Your own brands (collected automatically) will be highlighted, and you can choose which brand you want to see on the graphs by clicking on the graph icon at the beginning of each line. Additionally, you can easily search for a specific brand using the search bar and quickly select the top 3, top 5, or top 10 brands using the buttons provided :

    see analytics You can hover over a line to highlight the related data in the graphs.
  • The information is displayed in a donut chart format. It's important to note that the data presented in the chart reflects only the final day of the selected time period, regardless of the duration of the period :

    donut chart
  • A line chart or bar chart in which you can see the evolution for the selected brands over the time frame selected :
    bar chart