Divergent ASIN Status: Discrepancies Between SP and SB eligibility

In Amazon's advertising system, it is possible to encounter a discrepancy in the eligibility status of the same ASIN depending on whether it is viewed in SP (Sponsored Products) or SB (Sponsored Brands).

The advertising teams responsible for SP and SB are distinct, and consequently, the teams overseeing eligibility moderation also differ, resulting in varying validation criteria.

The most common scenario involves an ASIN being ineligible in SP but remaining eligible in SB. This can be easily explained by the distinct objectives of the two advertising formats. SP focuses primarily on the product itself and thus becomes ineligible if the product is out of stock. On the other hand, SB places emphasis on highlighting the store and allows ASINs to be showcased even if they are out of stock.

If the situation you experience in your account does not align with the aforementioned description, it is advisable to directly reach out to Amazon support for assistance.