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First search position

Why I am not displayed on the first search position?

There are several reasons why your product might not occupy sponsored positions on Amazon search results. But now we are going to talk about a particular scenario, depending on the previous setup and historical performance, there might be some loss of data during the transition. This might lead to 'lower than before' performance and eventually lead to loss of first sponsored position on Amazon search results.

If this is the scenario, what you can do to give yourself the best opportunity in regaining the first sponsored position is:

1. isolate that particular ASIN and create a separate strategy for it.

2. Set your ACOS target to a value that is at least equal to the ACOS of the campaign which was winning this placement. This will allow the algorithm to bid close or equal to your previous bids.

3. remove any target daily budget which may cap the optimization capabilities of the m19 algorithm.

What we just described was just one of the scenarios, there are more reasons out there.  Low inventory, not enough bidding, poor product listings and wrong keywords could also be the reason why your product is not displayed on the first search position. Here's a checklist for you to rank higher:

1. Are your products in sufficient stock?

2. Are you bidding on the right keywords?

3. Are you bidding enough compare to the Amazon bidding suggestion?

4. Are you having high-quality images on your product detail page?

5. Is your product title interesting and professional enough?

6. is your product description interesting and professional enough?

7. is your product having a good review?

8. Are you trying to build a good relationship with your customers?