Activate or deactivate full automation for a marketplace

Once your account/marketplace is added, you can activate or deactivate marketplaces as you wish.

Before reading any further, be sure you followed our onboarding process and you have access to the account you wish to switch

Downloader activation

Authorize m19 to download stats and the catalog of your new marketplace/account to be able to update your invoice and prepare the learning process.

  1. Change the status in settings > groups and accounts > status column > change the status from "paused/new" to "Active - Pull stats"
  2. If the status says "Manual Setup Required", it means that the algorithm is unable to automate the campaign management because there are no campaigns created manually on the advertising console.
  3. If you are a seller, get API access

    Activation or deactivation request

    Now with the new update, you can send us the full-automation activation directly via your m19 dashboard. Just go to Settings -> Accounts, click on the status bar of the concerned account, and select Active - Full Automation as depicted below -

    activation or deactivation request

    And if you are not able to see the option on your m19 dashboard, please fill the below form -

    If you want to activate or deactivate a marketplace, click here or fill in the form below!