Activate or deactivate full automation for a marketplace

Once your account/marketplace is added, you can activate or deactivate marketplaces as you wish.

Before reading any further, be sure you followed our onboarding process and you have access to the account you wish to switch

    Activation or deactivation

    To activate or delete a marketplace, simply access the M19 dashboard and navigate to the Settings -> Accounts section. From there, you can click on the status bar of the relevant account and change the status


    • Activation

    Before activating the AI management feature, make sure that the initial status of the marketplace is set to "active - pull stats" to enable its activation.

    activate automation

    • Deactivation

    To disable the AI management feature, you can switch the status of the marketplace from "active - full automation" to "deactivate full automation".

    deactivate automation

    After initiating the deactivation process, a cleaning process will pause M19's campaigns, which may take approximately 1 to 2 hours. After the cleaning phase, the status of the marketplace will change to "active - pull stats".

    list of marketplaces


    • Special status

    When the status displays "Manual Setup Required", it indicates that the algorithm cannot automate the management of campaigns since no campaigns have been manually created on the Amazon advertising console.

    To resolve this, you have to manually create a campaign in the Amazon advertising console, and then pause the campaign right after the creation. It will unlock the status