Monthly Budget Management

It is a type of strategy in which the algorithm looks for the right balance between exploration and optimisation for your budget constraint.

This algorithm provides a solution for managing advertising campaigns with a simple monthly budget through its configuration settings. When activated, the algorithm will strive to spend the set budget while minimizing the ACOS.

Main use cases

Budget constraint. When a client requires a specific expenditure, this algorithm has been designed to ensure that the budget is spent evenly throughout the month while maximizing the volume of sales. By optimizing the allocation of resources, this approach ensures that the client's budget is used efficiently and effectively, resulting in a better return on investment for their advertising campaigns.

Low historical data. When historical data is insufficient, the "ACOS target" algorithm may struggle to accurately adjust bids. However, the monthly budget management algorithm offers the best solution for collecting data while maintaining spending control through the mandatory spending rule and performance-based adjustments. This approach allows for more effective use of resources and ensures that the advertising campaigns achieve optimal performance, even with limited historical data.

How to use monthly Budget management?

When you create a strategy, you can select an algorithm "Optimize Sales with Monthly budget Target" and assign a budget for the ongoing month.

select budget management

select amount