Strategies and Algorithm modes

Grouping ASINs under a Shared Management Objective: The Concept of a Strategy

Strategy Introduction

Our "strategy" feature allows for comprehensive ad management, eliminating the need for manual keyword and bid management. By using this tool, you can save valuable time and redirect it toward other important tasks.

Utilizing this feature is a breeze, as it only requires two steps:

  1. Grouping your products
  2. Defining a shared objective for the group.

Ad management becomes easier and faster with larger product groupings.

It is not recommended to run ads for ASINs managed within a strategy by m19 simultaneously with a manually managed campaign.

General guideline: Each advertised product should be included in only one strategy of the same type.

Type of strategy

Our strategies will enable you to manage the advertising across the following channels:

After the strategies have produced statistics, you can effortlessly track and examine the outcomes using our "overview" performance report.

Algorithm selection

Either the goal is achieving optimal product visibility, ensuring efficient budget spending, and reaching a proper target ACOS. Our tool provides three types of algorithms that have been programmed to address those challenges:

  •  ACOS target mode
  •  Monthly Budget Management
  • Force Product Visibility mode

To simplify the selection of the algorithm when setting your first strategies, presented below is a decision tree to aid in the decision-making process:

1. Has the account recorded over $200 of spending within the last 60 days?

->  no, then use  Force product visibility algorithm (suggested bid should be high enough to be competitive and generate impressions)
-> Yes, then answer the following question
2. Have all the products included in the strategy collectively generated at least 40 ad orders in the last 30 days?

-> No, then Monthly budget management algorithm (Budget should be the budget you are ready to invest)

-> Yes, then ACOS Target optimisation (initial ACOS target should be the ACOS observed in the last 30 days)

Additionally,  you can watch the following video that explains in detail when and how to use each one of the different algorithm modes :