Sponsored product strategy

Start advertising your ASIN on sponsored product slot

Sponsored product strategies are a type of strategy the algorithm optimises.

Before creating your first sponsored product strategy, read our recommendations for a successful start!

For each sponsored product strategy, the algorithm generates a minimum of four campaigns that correspond to the associated product group.

The algorithm automatically generates a sponsored strategy named "All Products" by default, which includes all products not assigned to any other sponsored strategies. As new strategies are created, the algorithm removes the products that are added to these strategies from the "All Products" strategy.

In a strategy, two types of tactics - targeting and blacklisting - can be created and associated with segments, with each tactic generating up to three campaigns. To control your spending and budgets, a target daily budget or a min daily spend can be set.

You can compare metrics through the stats section and check all the modifications made to the strategy through the activity section

How to create a sponsored product strategy?

Go to Strategies -> Sponsored product and click on " Create a new strategy ".

create a sponsored product strategy

setup for sponsored product strategy


Our recommendations

  • For an ACOS Optimisation strategy, always set the initial target equal to your historical ACOS (last 60 days), you can verify it on the Products tab.
  • For product launch: You can create a force product visibility strategy and switch it to ACOS optimisation or Monthly Budget strategy once the algorithm has enough data. You will get a warning when it is the case
  • Pause your historical campaigns the day after you created your m19 strategies. If you do not, the algorithm will encounter difficulties optimising your strategies. It only concerned campaigns on ASINs that are included in your m19 strategies.