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Recommendations for a successful start

We are listing a couple of helpful tips for you to make the most of the optimisation capabilities.

For your first strategy on Acos Target

If your ASINs inside the strategy have consistently achieved a minimum of 2 sales per day or at least 40 ad orders in the last 30 days, then ACOS Target mode is the best fit. it is advisable to set the ACOS target equal to the observed ACOS during that period. However, if your sales do not meet these criteria, these are the possible scenarios:

  • ACOS observed >> ACOS target => The tool cut the traffic and slowly test your historical search terms
  • ACOS observed > ACOS target => will underbid and readjust the following day based on the conversion observed (if the bids are not competitive, the algorithm may miss interesting conversion)
  • ACOS observed < ACOS target => be aggressive on your historical search terms

Otherwise, Monthly Budget Management is your best option. 


Maybe, you've crafted your first strategy, but the algorithm mode wasn't quite the most fitting, no sweat! No need to start from scratch. Just tweak the algo mode as shown here:

Once your strategy is active in the Amazon Advertising console, you should pause your historical campaigns!

Limit the number of strategies you are running

It is always easier to start with a simple structure.

Break down your catalog into product groups

Product Groups allow you to organize your catalog within M19, here are some suggestions based on:

  • The life cycle of your products (new launches, mature products, products reaching the end of life).
  • The margin you make on the ASINs
  • The categories of the ASINs

You can use some of these product groups to create strategies and some for analysis purposes (Product tab)

Think long term

Costs and sales are volatiles! A bad day does not represent a strategy. Our algorithm has powerful correction mechanisms. If you need to better understand how it works, you can check out the algorithm behavior

Wait a few days before changing your strategies. You should not change your strategies every day; limit adjustments to a maximum of once a week per strategy.

Adjust the ACOS target softly

Whenever you change the ACOS target, the algorithm changes bids accordingly. It is better to gradually increase or increase your target and wait at least a few days before changing it again.

    Avoid making big swings when adjusting your ACOS target

    Last but not least, you can click here to learn more about our other algorithm modes and types of strategies.


    Also, here are more tips on how you can  structure your first sponsored product strategy