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Strategies and campaigns overlapping

You created your strategies but your historical campaigns are still active in your Seller Central / Vendor Central account. You need to pause them and avoid overlaps.

Two strategies overlap when they have ASINs in common.

One strategy overlaps with one of your manual campaigns when they have ASINs in common.

Overlaps lead to poor performance because of self-competition. You need to split your traffic correctly to avoid it!

Pause your old campaigns

We suggest that you pause your historical campaigns the day after creating your strategies. However, make sure to only pause or archive campaigns on ASINs that are included in your strategies. It's best to avoid having more than half a day or a day of overlap, as running your campaigns in parallel with your strategies may lead to poor performance.

Make sure that you advertise your ASIN through a unique strategy

To optimize your traffic, it is important to ensure that the traffic of your different strategies does not overlap. When multiple strategies target the same traffic for a given ASIN, they compete against each other, resulting in bidding against yourself and deteriorating the ACOS.

If the algorithm does not have control over the traffic, it will not be able to optimize properly. This can lead to two scenarios:

  1. the algorithm places bids lower than your campaigns, resulting in traffic only going to your campaigns and conversions not being reattributed to the algorithm.
  2. the algorithm places bids higher than your campaigns, resulting in the algorithm lowering the bid to optimize the investment. If the algorithm lowers the bid too much, it will be below your campaigns, causing the campaign to not display and distorting the learning.

In summary, the algorithm tries to optimize traffic without considering the best possible conversion, leading to suboptimal results.