Understanding M19 Metrics


Metric Name  Meaning

Sum of organic and ad sales
Ad Sales Sales attributed to advertising efforts.
Ad Orders Number of orders through advertising 
Sessions Number of unique visits to your Amazon page by a user within a 24-hour period
Impressions Number of times an ad is displayed.
Page Views Number of times a product detail page is viewed.
Clicks Number of times users have clicked on an ad.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Percentage of users who click on an ad after seeing it

Advertising Conversion Rate (CR)

Percentage of users who purchased after clicking on the ad.
  •  Formula: CR = ad units sold/ clicks

Cost Total amount spent on advertising.
Cost Per Click (CPC) Price of a sponsored click
  •  Formula:  Cost/ number of clicks
Mobile Shares

Share of the total session from mobile

  • Formula: sum of mobile session/ sum of total session
Buy Box Win Rate Percentage of time a seller's product listing wins the Buy Box
TCR Total conversion rate
  • Formula:
SELLERS: All units sold/ sessions
VENDORS: All units sold/ page views
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Ratio  Ratio of revenue generated from advertising to the cost of advertising
  • Formula: (Ad sales/ Cost) * 100.
Advertising Cost of Advertising (ACOS)

Ratio of ad spend to ad revenue

  • formula: (sum of cost/sum of Ad Sales) *100
Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS)

Spending as a percentage of total sales

  • formula: (advertising cost/ All sales) *100
Ad Sales Share percentage of sales generated through advertising
Share of Voice (SOV) Brand presence on page 1 weighted by its rank. 


Inventory Metrics

Available Stock available on Amazon and ready to be sold
Inbound Inventory shipped but it but has not yet been received
Reserved Inventory already sold but hasn't been shipped to the customer yet
Unfulfilliable Damaged or expired items that cannot be sold


P&L Metrics 

Cost of Gods Total cost of producing a product
Advertising Amount spent on advertising in a given period
- Referral  A fee Amazon charges for each item sold on their platform
- FBA Amazon's fulfillment services (storage, picking, packing, shipping, and customer service)
- Storage The costs for storing inventory in Amazon warehouses
- Shipping Shipping cost
- Gift Wrap Cost of wrapping in decorative paper or packaging
Profit Net profit after deducting COGS, taxes, and other expenses.
Margin percentage of remaining as profit after all expenses.


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