Inventory Management

The algorithm imports the FBA inventory report from Amazon for you. It displays your stocks

it is only available for Sellers!

For each ASIN / SKU, the inventory gives you the price suggested by Amazon and the number of strategies in which the ASIN / SKU is.

You have access to the stock level (in unity and in volume):

  • Available: It is available on Amazon and ready to be sold
  • Inbound: You declared to Amazon that you shipped it but it did not arrive yet
  • Reserved: It arrived at Amazon storage but is not ready to be sold yet OR it might be tied to a customer's order in the process of being shipped between fulfilment centres, or set aside at a fulfilment centre for additional processing.
  • Unfulfillable: It was returned by a customer and/or damaged and Amazon refuses to sell it anymore. You pay a storage fee until you ask to get it back. You can go to the unfulfillable view on Amazon Seller Central to find the problem.

Based on your stock and your previous sales (of the last 30 days), we estimate your days in stock.

A good practice is to consider sending stocks to Amazon before the estimated days in stock is below your production and shipment delay

You can filter out-of-stock ASINs and paused-with-stock ASINs when there are any. You get a notification when:

  • An ASIN has less than 7 units in stock and no inbound: You know it is time to send some stock to Amazon.
  • An ASIN is out of stock: You can decide to pause it! The ASINs get paused in all sponsored product and sponsored display strategies
  • A paused ASIN is in stock: You can activate it again!

You can also put a threshold value as the number of remaining stock when you want to pause the advertisement. 

pause advertising threshold