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Common questions after onboarding

After onboarding, if you still have any questions, please check this article.

How to control my spending?

It is possible to specify a target daily budget for every strategy, more details are here.

When can I adjust the ACOS target?

At least 2 weeks after the launch. ACOS target adjustments should be small and you should at least wait for one week to change the ACOS target again.

Should I pause my existing campaigns?

Yes, all your existing campaigns promoting the products that are promoted in strategies should be paused. We recommend doing it when your strategies' campaigns are visible on the Amazon advertising console.

How to do a product launch?

When you create a strategy, change the default algorithm you are working with to "Force Product Visibility". And set a bid that will apply to all your keywords.

When are campaigns created in Seller Central?

When you create a strategy, associated campaigns are created in the Amazon Advertising Console within the next 24 hours. This logic also applies to any change that being made to your existing strategies.

How are the campaign's budgets managed?

The algorithm increases or decreases the budget allowance every day, based on the historical spending data of each campaign. Here are more details.

How to promote my products in new countries?

The algorithm manages PPC across all the countries but will need some data to start from. You should be creating manually some campaigns to generate a minimum of 20 sponsored sales before activating a strategy.

Why some ASINs are not getting traffic?

Mainly because of low bids, which are the result of a low ACOS target.

How products should be grouped in different strategies?

It can be based on product lifecycle, margin, or category. More details here.

Can I change parameters directly on my strategies' campaigns?

No, it can disturb the machine learning process. Moreover, changes made manually on the Amazon advertising console will be overwritten the next day by our algorithm.

I launched Sponsored Brand strategies 2 days ago but I can't see them.

Sponsored brand strategies' campaign needs to be approved manually by Amazon before running. If one of your Sponsores Brand campaigns is not approved by Amazon, the algorithm will re-push automatically the same campaign until its finally approved.

I'm receiving lists of Keywords suggested by Amazon, what should I do with them?

All the lists of keywords received by email are also available in the Amazon API and are automatically added to our campaigns.

Can I change the name of the m19-generated campaigns in my advertising console?

No, you should not change the name of the m19-generated campaigns, otherwise, the tool will not recognize the campaign as one of its own and it will stop optimizing the campaign.

How can I change the billing owner for my account?

You can not change it using the dashboard. To change the billing owner of an account, the current billing owner needs to mail us with the required information (Name, Email Id, Contact number) of the new billing owner. Then we will change it for you from the backend.