Keyword and historical data extraction

The algorithm manages specific lists of keywords for each of your products, even when these products are grouped into one strategy. The algorithm deals with the specifics of each of your items.

As a result, the number of targeting opportunities grows exponentially. The algorithms updates on average 35,000 ASIN/keyword combinations per day.

Sources of keywords and products

  • Your historical data: The keywords and products you used to target through your historical campaigns are leveraged. It is gathered once when you first log in to the M19 board. The algorithm learns from campaigns in which ad groups contain only child ASIN under the same parent ASIN. If ASIN does not have a parent ASIN, it should be alone in the ad group.
  • Amazon suggestions for phrase targeting: The keywords and products on which your products are indexed on Amazon. For each ASIN, the algorithm leverages lists of meaningful keywords and products. These lists are updated every day. 
  • Auto campaigns with auto-targeting: The keywords and products identified as best performers. These keywords and product pages are reviewed daily and updated when the algorithm has gathered enough data to make a meaningful prediction of their performance.
  • Your suggestions: The keywords and products you set up in a tactic.

What does it do with these keywords and products?

The algorithm split these keywords and products into different campaigns depending on your strategy and tactics. Then it switches them from one campaign to another in order to find the right balance between exploration and optimisation.