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Recommendations according to level of control on the campaigns

We are listing some helpful tips to get two types of control orientated results using the tool

Start by categorizing yourself as Automation-Oriented or Manual Control-Oriented:

  • You would want Automation-Oriented results if -> You are new to the Amazon ecosystem and the optimising tool. There are some articles from our knowledge base you do not understand fully. You want more automation and less human control over the strategies and campaigns. 
  • You would want Manual Control-Oriented results if -> You have a viable experience with Amazon ecosystem. You read and understand our knowledge base. And most importantly, you want more human control over the strategies and the campaigns. 

First, we strongly advise you to go through these common recommendations:

  1. Start with an ACOS target at par or close to the historical ACOS of the items included in its product group. It is the average ACOS of your campaign in the last 30 days.
  2. If you have achieved at least 2 sales every day for the last 2 weeks, you should set an ACOS target equal to the ACOS observed in the last 30 days. Otherwise, you should set an ACOS target superior to the observed ACOS. It will help the algorithm to learn faster from your historical data.
  3. Once your strategy is active in the Amazon Advertising console, you should pause your historical campaigns. Also, each ASIN should be in only one strategy at a time to avoid overlapping.
  4. Whenever you change the ACOS target, the algorithm changes bids accordingly. It is better to gradually increase or decrease your target and wait at least a few days before changing it again.
  5. Wait a few days before changing your strategies. You should not change your strategies every day. Do it up to once a week for each strategy.

Now, since you have gone through the common recommendations, Let’s jump into the specific recommendations for your respective category.

Specific recommendations for Automation-Oriented results

  1. Start with breaking down your catalog into appropriate product groups. Here are 3 dimensions to help you split your catalog
    • The life cycle of your products (new launches, mature products, products reaching the end of life). You should look at the daily orders for the past 14 days
    • The margin you make on the ASINs
    • The categories of the ASINs
  2. It’s better to put all the ASINs from the same product group in a single strategy rather than creating a separate strategy for a small number of ASINs.
  3. You can add the target daily budget. It is the average daily budget you want to spend per day for the consecutive month. Beware, the algorithm might overspend on a given day even though it will respect the budget on a monthly basis
  4. We recommend inserting the cost of goods for better profit analytics.

Specific recommendations for Manual Control-Oriented results

  1. Introduce some past best-performing keywords and negative keywords at the concerned ASIN level. Although, the algorithm already collects it, but if you wish for conformity, you can insert it using seed keywords and blacklisting.
  2. To add the important/negative keywords or products at the strategy level, you can use tactics.
  3. You can go to the advanced settings and set the minimum daily spend.
  4. Can take the advantage of other features like traffic analysis and keyword extraction.