Sales and advertising

Product sales and advertising analysis tells you how your products perform through organic and sponsored sales !

The algorithm imports data from Amazon's report in order to display them in the Sales and advertising section.

What you can do

  • Compare your product within a product group
  • Compare up to 2 metrics at the same time
  • Filter products by product group
  • Aggregate by dates (days, weeks, months)
  • Compare data to the previous period
  • Filter the table below by ASINs or titles
  • Analyze your product metrics
  • Check a product's strategies

m19 dashboard

How to check the ACOS of my products?

 Checking this information is really useful when you are creating a strategy. It gives you an idea of what the ACOS target could be for this strategy.

Go to Product Sales and advertising, select the Product Group you want to check from the " Product Group " drop-down menu. If you don't find the group of products you were looking for, you can create it.

Select the last 30 days in the date picker, or select a wider date range. Click on "ACOS" on the board. You can see the daily value of this KPI on the chart.

Our recommendations

  1. If you have no product group: Compare how your products perform and create product groups of similar products based on their performance. For example, if you have a few products that are similar in terms of margin and ACOS, you can wrap them in a product group
  2. If you already have product groups: Compare how products perform within each product group in order to ensure they belong to the same product group

What else can you see on this view?

Product Timeline Events

This new feature released allows you to see the changes that have taken place on an ASIN, this changes can be on:

  • Parent ASIN change
  • Title 
  • Brand 
  • Image
  • Number of reviews
  • Review score 
  • Price
  • Category change (on subcategory)
  • BSR changes (ie: becoming number 1, enter top 5, enter top 25, no longer number 1, leave top 5, leave top 25)

Example 1.

performance 1

Example 2.performance 2

What you can do

  • Visualise changes on products
  • Analyse the repercussions of product changes on the metrics selected in the upper bar.

It can be observed in both examples, how sales were affected immediately after a price change.

Custom Fields

Explore our newest functionality that allows you to seamlessly incorporate notes next to your ASINs through our customizable fields. Whether you're organizing product categories or highlighting important information about a particular item, our custom fields offer the adaptability you seek. For more detailed information, please refer to this  article on custom fields.