What is Segment

A group of keywords and products to use in tactic or analyse in traffic analysis

A segment is a list of keywords and ASINs to use in a tactic or to analyse in traffic analysis.

You can create a segment in 2 ways:

  • When you create a tactic: A tactic is a segment to which you add an intensity/aggressiveness for a given strategy. You will be able to analyse the statistics of the tactic on the page Overview.
  • In traffic analysis: Segments let you compare performance per product and keywords

In both cases, when you edit a segment, it is updated everywhere. It means you can create a segment in traffic analysis and add it to a tactic later.

Do not confuse segment and tactic analysis! In traffic analysis, you compare the performance of a segment across all strategies whereas in the overview you compare the performance of the tactic inside a strategy.

Here are a few recommendations for your segments